National Significance Day

So today is National Significance day. According to me. So I want to remind you and myself of how significant we are.

Sometimes in our lives we’re dogged by a feeling of insignificance: Do I matter? Do my thoughts matter? Does what I do matter? 

Here are some more specific examples: Does it matter if I stay in my marriage? Does it matter if I cheat the government? Does it really matter if I work at a job that I enjoy and feel good about?

Most of us want to believe the answer is yes – wherever we get that answer from. Mine is from a Creator who made me to be significant. Yours might be that too or something else.

But even if we believe this, how do we feel more significant? How do we rid ourselves of those feelings of insignificance that follow us around and try to sabotage our lives?

I suggest we go thought hunting. If  you can become aware of the ‘it doesn’t really matter what I do’ thought or the ‘I’m not that important’ thought, we can think something else intentionally when it pops up. Something like ‘my actions really matter’ or ‘my life really influences others’.

Why don’t we take these thoughts and others like them out for a spin and see where they take us. Let’s see how these thoughts make us feel! It might even be fun!

I’d love to hear how this goes for you if you’d like to comment below.


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