Bee awareness month

Colin – a happy Wellington bee

So I discovered today that it is Bee Awareness Month. I discovered this at the garden centre. Or center. Or whatever . ┬áSo bees are having a hard time (I think – I haven’t actually bothered to find out – see how chilled I am?) and we just all need to be more aware of them.

The garden centre had a really helpful poster showing all the varieties of herbs and flowers and stuff that bees really like. Plant heaps of this stuff in your garden, it seemed to say, and you’ll attract heaps of bees and basically they’ll have a great time.

So I guess the bees haven’t been having a great time and we and our gardens need to be more welcoming. We need to raise our awareness of bees. Significantly.

The weird thing is, I really thought they were doing ok as a species or insect grouping or whatever. There are plenty of them pottering around at our place and I just sort of assumed they were all okay. But those are just bees near me.

There are clearly bees elsewhere that are struggling and they are not finding stuff they like very much in people’s gardens and we as a people as a whole need to be more aware of them.

So this concerted effort has come about and hopefully we can lift the morale and confidence of our little companions. I think it’s still okay to steal their honey – but just everyone please be a bit more aware of who they are and welcome them into your gardens and maybe even your homes okay?